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JFn'K are a three piece from Detroit. They took their name from their first initials, with Jeremy "Jack" Ruby on Guitars/Vocalizations, Frank Lee Harvey Oswald on Bass, and Ken 'Warren Commission' Welsh on Drums. They had released an EP entitled Back and to the Left, but this track, recorded for this compilation, is their first JFK-themed song.

The title, "Back and to the Left" is a reference to JFK's reaction to the fatal head shot. The Warren Commission determined that three shots were fired at JFK from the Texas School Book Depository, and the third shot struck JFK in the head. Even though this shot came from behind, Kennedy's head did not move forward upon impact. Instead Kennedy's head went back and to the left. Luis Alvarez carried out experiments with melons to demonstrate that the motion of Kennedy's head would be consistent with a shot from behind due to the "jet effect"--matter is blown forward out of the head and the head then reacts by moving backward. Stuart Galanor, author of Cover-Up argues, however, that for the head to go back and to the left due to the jet effect, the jet stream of matter from Kennedy's head must move in the opposite direction--forward and to the right. Close examination of the Zapruder film does not show this to be the case,though. Also, Jackie Kennedy famously jumped up onto the trunk of the limousine to retrieve pieces of JFK's skull and brain matter that were blown backward out of Kennedy's head.


from Conspiracy A​-​Go​-​Go, released November 1, 2013




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