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In their first release in 16 years veteran garage/psych rockers the Droogs capture the sense of shock and disorientation that followed the JFK assassination. "Man Gone Down" describes how the celebratory atmosphere of JFK's motorcade through Dallas on a pleasant November day was shattered as shots rang out ("Then baby hell breaks loose"). The nation mourned as JFK was put to rest in a solemn ceremony, and struggled to understand what had happened. In the days that followed JFK's death, a sense of unease set in ("I saw the light of the future dim").

In the years that followed the JFK assassination, the government, once a trusted institution, was increasingly viewed with suspicion ("We felt dark forces underneath"). A large part of the public was unsatisfied with the "lone nut" explanation of the assassination offered by the Warren Commission. Also, the broad consensus that had existed broke down as the war in Vietnam polarized the country ("Lost years and friends in 'Nam")--a war perhaps avoided if JFK had not been gunned down. With urban unrest, assassinations, the war in Vietnam, and the Watergate scandal all taking place in the decade that followed JFK's death, distrust of the government quickly became the norm ("Secrets and lies are sold/The truth is seldom told").

I watched the girls on the city lawn
I saw the boys waiting in the sun
I felt the crowd go by
Under the flag they fly
I saw the shadow of a gun
Then baby hell breaks loose
In need of some excuse
For daylight subterfuge
It's on the nightly news
Man gone down
Man gone down

I heard the sirens in the wind
A song of sorrow now begins
When all the hurt inside
Form chasms deep and wide
I saw the light of the future dim
Then baby things explode
Wires and frames exposed
Secrets and lies are sold
The truth is seldom told
Man gone down
Man gone down

We saw the horses in the street
They march for hours on a screen
And as the world passed by
For those that sympathize
We felt dark forces underneath
Then baby eyes be damned
History on a power slam
Lost years and friends in 'Nam
We count them when they land
Man gone down
Man gone down
Man gone down
Man gone down


from Conspiracy A​-​Go​-​Go, released November 1, 2013
previously unreleased
Man Gone Down written by Ric Albin and Roger Clay
Copyright BMI 2013. Publishing administered by BMG/Chrysalis
Vocal : Ric Albin
Guitar, Bkg Vocal: Roger Clay
Bass: Dave Provost
Drums: Tarik Ghiradella




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