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"The Smoking Gun" starts from the premise that the JFK assassination was the work of a lone gunman. This was, of course, the conclusion of the Warren Commission, but a couple of celebrated books have reinforced this conclusion in recent years. Gerald Posner's Case Closed and Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaiming History have sided with the Warren Commission in concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the JFK assassination. According to songwriter Mike Calhoun, "The conspiracy theories live on. However, I believe Oswald's actions the days leading up to the assassination point to him as the lone gunman."

"The Smoking Gun" takes the perspective of the shooter once the assassination has been carried out. Rather than their usual "Heavy Psycho-delic Rock & Roll" sound, Abandone perform "The Smoking Gun" with spare instrumentation, and the acoustic guitar emphasizes the isolation of the shooter as he makes his escape. "No electric instruments were used. They seemed to take away from that feeling," Mike Calhoun asserts. He goes on to say, "The Smoking Gun was penned for the outlaw, on the lam. It's from the shooter who gets away. Or does he?" It only took 85 minutes to catch up to Oswald. JFK was shot at 12:30pm and Oswald was arrested at 1:55pm at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff. Somewhat ironically, he was not arrested for killing JFK, but rather for gunning down Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit, who had been shot less than an hour before Oswald's arrest. Once events were set in motion, Oswald had little time left ("The hunt is on and soon I know my time is out").

Well I, I've gotta go
The day has come
I can't be slow
Yes I know the time is now
And when it's done the president and everyone
Will never know who shot him down

Now I, I'm on the run
The open road,
The hunt is on and soon I know my time is out
There's no question
I am the one, the smoking gun
No one will know who shot him down
Who shot him down?
Who shot him down?

I shot him down
My time is out
I've gotta go now


from Conspiracy A​-​Go​-​Go, released November 1, 2013
previously unreleased
written by M. Calhoun/Abandone music copyright 2013 BMI




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